Position your products to perform

Engraffo supplies key data and effective tools to glean insight, enrich analysis, and drive engagement around your premium content. Build your revenue streams and boost the potential of your valuable assets by harnessing real-time performance data. Give your customers the power to analyze, track and test metrics related to their engagement strategies.


European Journal of Diabetes
Lead Author: Alexandra Quitzon


European Journal of Cardiology
Lead Author: Trycia Reilly


European Journal of Diabetes
Lead Author: Alexandra Quitzon


European Journal of Endocrinology
Lead Author: Savannah Ernser


A better way to manage, deliver, and measure your premium digital content

Engraffo enables publishers and content disseminators alike with a powerful user experience. Below are just a few of the features that publishers can leverage with Engraffo.

Wonderfully organized

Engraffo simplifies the organization and delivery of powerful, publisher content and media. Workflow is easy and intuitive for the advancement of projects.

  • Projects are organized, searchable and sortable

    Projects are clearly labeled and organized on the publisher dashboard with high-level status indicators. Dive into any project to access details, features, and detailed performance metrics. Engraffo's robust search ensure users can locate their desired project in seconds.

  • Streamlined proofing and instant fulfillment

    Project approvals couldn't be easier. All parties can review the final project as it will appear to their HCP audience, request changes, and submit for re-approval. Once a publisher-approved project becomes available, customers can approve and activate instantly – no more bottlenecks.

  • Notifications when they're needed.

    Notifications are an important part of any system but can become a nuisance if overused and eventually ignored. Engraffo will only notify publishers and customers when an action is required to advance a project or approve changes.

Status Total / Views / % Project Name
1000 / 500 / 50% European Journal of Diabetes View
2000 / 684 / 34% European Journal of Cardiology View
1500 / 515 / 34% Journal of Emerging Oncology Medicine View
500 / 151 / 30% International Oncology Journal View
20 / 6 / 30% Journal of Emerging Pediatric Medicine View
5000 / 3758 / 75% European Journal of Women's Health View
500 / 321 / 64% Journal of Emerging Vaccines View
10000 / 9548 / 95% International Journal of Emerging Surgical Practices View

Engraffo Dashboard

A better way to visualize performance

Providing publishers real-time performance metrics on their active project portfolio empowers them to:

  • Identify successful trends across customers and assets
  • Analyze successful strategies for future application
  • Identify opportunities for upsell
  • Support selling initiatives with real-world data examples
  • Just the right statistics

    Engraffo arms your team with essential statistics compiled from GDPR-compliant data collection methods and alerts that give you the right amount of information about the health and performance of your projects.

  • Performance reporting

    Engraffo provides advanced reporting for publishers all the way down to HCP interactions. This provides publishers with multi-dimensional analysis on the performance of every project and asset. This can provide key insights on how to improve product delivery, enhance presentations, and inevitably increase engagement.

New Projects Weekly Delta
22 from 5
Increased by 440%
Average View Usage Daily Delta
58.16% from 56.14%
Increased by 2.02%
Avg. Read Time Daily Delta
4:58 from 5:20
Decreased by 4.05%


Below are just a few reports that publishers can generate within Engraffo. Every report is customizable with various parameters so that publishers can have total visibility of their assets.

Customer Report

Customer Utilization

Find the top (and bottom) customers for utilization on assets purchased. Understanding performance levels will allow you to tailor your customer interactions and selling strategies. Identifying high performers can help you identify stronger selling channels with proven success. Similarly, identifying under-performers can open opportunities and dialogue for exploring alternative strategies.

Asset Report

Assets by Interaction Success

Discover which articles, videos, infographics and other assets are generating the most engagement with health care professionals. This information can influence your content format and delivery preferences. Engraffo collects asset-specific interaction metrics, including such valuable data as viewing duration on video assets, page-specific duration on PDF files, and percent completion of HTML articles.

Publication Reports

Most / Least Successful Journals

Publishers can see which journals are scoring the highest (and lowest) performance by utilization and engagement. Understanding which journals are performing well can enable publishers to focus their selling efforts and glean insight into which products work best with which titles. Similarly, understanding which journals are under-performing can provide insight to allow for better product positioning.

Compliance Reports

Sunshine Act reporting

Engraffo offers Sunshine Act reporting with mandatory and optional data fields to comply with US-based reporting requirements. Reporting can be toggled on or off for any given project depending on your customer requirements.

Maximizing Revenues

Driving engagement

The success of your digital portfolio relies on your customer’s ability to perform with it. A product without metrics leaves your customers blind. Engraffo positions your customers to achieve better engagement outcomes.

Expanding opportunities

Don’t leave business on the table. No minimum order quantities and complete flexibility with duration terms allows publishers the latitude to accommodate any request and maximize revenue opportunities.

Showcasing new assets

Don’t limit your pharma customers to static articles. Engraffo supports and produces short-format, enriched, and interactive digital assets to supplement and enhance your premium content. These assets include visual abstracts, interactive infographics, KOL videos, lead author interviews and more.